Aminoacetic Acid Glycine

Creatine Mono HCl (Creapure)

Creatine Mono HCl (Creapure)

Creatine monohydrate is the king of the creatine supplement world. Creatine monohydrate is 88% pure creatine bound with 12% water.

CAS No: 6020-87-7

Make: ALZ Pharma

Origin: Germany

Creatine Anhydrous (Creapure)

Creatine Anhydrous (Creapure)

Creatine anhydrous is creatine monohydrate without the water molecule. Creatine anhydrous provides approximately 6% more pure creatine per serving compared to creation monohydrate.

Aminoacetic Acid (Glycine)

Aminoacetic Acid (Glycine)

Approx. Rs 10 / Kg

Glycine is a nonessential amino acid. Glycine is involved in the regulation and support of many essential processes. Glycine is an important antiaging amino acid.

CAS Number: 56-40-6

Make: Ajinomoto


Origin: Japan / China

Applications: Treatment of Neurobehavioral Disorders, Muscle Growth, Blood Sugar Regulation

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